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Vegans' Club for Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes Vegetarian Cafe Marin no Oyatsu

The sweets in the Vegans' Club vegetarian cuisine recipes are available at this café.

This café serves natural drinks, sweets and light meals which place no harmful burden on your body, and so contain no ingredients such as animal food products, refined white sugar or chemical flavourings and seasonings.


IThe reason why we gave our daughter’s name ‘Marin’ to this café is that we want to make and serve hand-made sweets and snacks (oyatsu) that are completely safe for children to eat. And so that’s why we decided not to use any ingredients that place a harmful burden on your body, such as animal food products, refined white sugar, harmful food additives, chemical flavourings and seasonings, but make our drinks, sweets and snacks using organic vegetable materials so that they are delicious and kind to your body and mind.

Children cannot choose their parents and can only eat what their parents give them.

Even so, when you are busy it’s hard to make home-made meals, and these days it is so difficult to get really good, healthy food.

We opened Marin no Oyatsu for mummies and daddies and for those who are about to become mummies and daddies, or for those who aspire to natural beauty, and those who are concerned about their health, not just as a place that provides sweets and snacks, but as a vegetarian life information base where we can do things like hold workshops for vegetarians as we practice kindness to the living beings of the Earth.

We will be very happy if there is anything Marin no Oyatsu can do for you or to help create happiness in your life.

The café is surrounded on all sides by green, forested mountains in a rural area where there are more rabbits, wild boar and other animals than people. (The building itself is an old tobacco-drying shed built 60 or 70 years ago that we have renovated.)

Vegans' Vegetarians' Organic Café Marin no Oyatsu
2740-4 Akatsuchi Cho
Hitachi Ota City
Ibaraki Ken
JAPAN 313-0102
Open Monday to Saturday
Closed Sundays and public holidays
Tel: 0294-76-9800

What's on the menu at Marin no Oyatsu?

Vegetarian ramen - new on the menu since April 2008

Vegetarian ramenA low-calorie, non-cholesterol ramen using no eggs or other animal food products, or chemical seasonings, and so on that are not good for the body. Unbelievably full-bodied flavour despite the use of only vegetarian ingredients! Uses Mt. Fuji underground water sesame miso soup, with soy ham and a vegetarian substitute for meat miso as toppings. Please come and try it!

6 points we took special care over with this ramen:

Home-made noodles: our original noodles with no additives or eggs!
100% vegetarian delicious savoury soup: a non-cholesterol, healthy soup made with our original vegetarian stock.
A soy substitute for meat miso (a mixture of minced meat and miso): non-cholesterol and tastes just like real meat!
Soy ham: you won't believe this is soy when you eat this juicy ham!
Original spicy seasoning: not just spicy, but brings out the full sweetness of the ramen with mixed-in herbs and vegetables.
Uses Mt. Fuji underground water more than 300 years old: the ramen soup uses this 100% Mt. Fuji underground natural water!

(950 yen)

Custard cream rolls - three varieties (vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry)

Vegetarian ramenVegetarian custard cream sandwiched in soft bread rolls. A very popular adult sweet!

Tasty bread rolls carefully made one by one made from natural yeast and organic whole wheat flour; natural salt from France; non-centrifuged, naturally crystallized 100% cane sugar from the Amami Islands in the south of Japan.

The custard cream contains no eggs, sugar, milk, butter or other animal food products, and is made from 100% vegetarian and specially selected organic foods only. Please come and try them – you won't believe you can get such great depths of flavours from 100% vegetarian ingredients.

Flavoured with organic vanilla. Enjoy the natural sweetness and flavour of the custard.
Flavoured specially selected chocolate, an organic low-fat chocolate from the Netherlands. Enjoy the rich taste of this custard.
Flavoured with British organic strawberries. Enjoy the fresh fragrance and tarty sweetness of this custard.

(550 yen)

Organic grain coffee: Soya Latte

Organic grain coffee: Soya LatteItalian organic grain coffee containing wheat, rye, chicory, dates, and malt, and soy milk made from organic yellow soy beans. A cappucino-like latte to warm the cockles of your heart.

(520 yen)

Vegetarian tiramisu

Vegetarian tiramisu100% vegetarian tiramisu made with Italian organic grain coffee, a soy cream flavoured with Dutch organic cocoa beans, and maple cake.

We hope you will enjoy this vegetarian sweet here because it's probably unavailable anywhere else!

(520 yen)

Corned beef style garlic toast

Corned beef style garlic toastA corned beef substitute topping on whole wheat bread full of germinated grains and seasoned with garlic. A very juicy toasted snack that you wouldn't believe was made from 100% vegetarian ingredients (unless you ate it here).

(580 yen)

Organic rosehip tea

Organic rosehip teaRosehips are little treasure chests of vitamin C, containing 20 times more than oranges and 60 times more than lemons. The clear pink colour and sweet-sour flavour are the charm of this tea. (Uses rare over-300-year-old Mt. Fuji underground water)

(420 yen)

Organic grain coffee

Organic grain coffeeA New Guinea organic and aromatic coffee, its features are a deep full-bodied flavour with very little acidity and a slight touch of bitterness. (Uses rare over-300-year-old Mt. Fuji underground water)

(380 yen)

...and there's still more on the menu.
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