Vegans' Club for Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes Vegans' Club for Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes Vegans' Club for Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes Vegans' Club for Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes
Vegans' Club for Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes
Vegans' Club for Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes
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Vegans' Club for Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes Enjoying a vegetarian lifestyle
Hi, Everyone!

I'm Sachiko Izumi, the producer of the Vegans' Club vegetarian cuisine recipe site!

In 1995, I had the opportunity to work at a diet improvement centre which based its therapy on macrobiotics. While wo

rking there I met a namashoku (literally the eating of raw foods) master who taught me about the importance of water and food.

I then came to know that the food and water that we usually put into our mouths without thinking very much about it are deeply linked to not only our bodies, but also to our inner wellbeing. I was then determined to stop eating any kinds of food from animals

From that time on, my daily meals consisted only of good quality living natural water, genmai as the staple food, and vegetarian foods. Twice a year I do fasting (called No.7 namashoku, a one-week minor fasting where only a little water and genmai are taken) in order to detox both my body and mind.

More than 12 years later, my lifestyle is completely vegan-vegetarian (100% plant-only vegetarian), and I feel now that I am quite a different person both in mind and body! I live a life where every day is vibratingly creative and bursting with enjoyment. In the process of changing over to vegetarianism, of course, some interesting and wonderful things happened to me. I was obsessed with eating animal foods, had bouts of apparent sickness as my body adjusted to the healthier diet regime and experienced emotional runaways. I am now thankful for these experiences because I know they are stages along the way to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

In 2002, based on my experience up to the time, I set up the company Wakyo Co., Ltd. with my companions who shared my vision in order to aim for a total cleanup of the Earth, the body and the mind. We are providers of organic foods, and while carrying out speaking activities for vegetarianism, we are working to disseminate the Harmonique Food Program for the improvement of the health and body condition.

There are many reasons why we decided to stop eating animal foods and become vegan-vegetarians. The main reasons were because we came to know about:

1. The harmful effects of animal foods on the mind and body,

2. The harmful effects of animal foods on the environment,

3. The current state of affairs concerning how animal foods reach the dining table,

and so on, but the most important thing was that we came to know that all the people who are known as sages, geniuses and saints are for some reason all vegetarians.
We also felt that that we wanted to "raise our inner selves!" and "have rich and creative inner lives like the sages, geniuses and saints!"

So now, when we are asked, "Why are you vegetarians?" we reply without hesitation, "Because it"s fun!"

When people think of vegetarian meals, they often have an image of a "restricted" diet and say things like, "These people eat nothing but leaves" or "They are just suppressing the urge to have the things they really want to eat." But for me it was just the opposite.

The vegetarian world that I know is a free world expanding without limit!! And so for me there is no need for "effort", "guts", "fight", or "patient perseverance"

Far from it, every day is a day overflowing with fun and joyful experiences.

So for us, being a vegetarian is the greatest joy, and at the same time we are full of feelings of gratitude for the many people who have given us this opportunity, and the various events that have taken place on the road towards vegan-vegetarianism.

We started this site as one way of repaying this gratitude. Also, every day since we started the company, we have provided free vegetarian lunches for all our staff.

The recipes on this site are all meals that we have served as lunches in the company.

We will be incredibly happy if even one person comes to enjoy a healthy vegetarian life as the result of looking at this website.

What you need to enjoy a vegetarian life
1. Please do not hide the fact that you are a vegetarian.
2. Please do not try to pressure non-vegetarians into becoming vegetarian. (The more you want to try to convince them, the more they will close their hearts.)
3. Enjoy being a vegetarian to the full. (People will naturally accumulate in an enjoyable place.)
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